Nursing Home Injuries

Is the nursing home at fault for my loved one’s injury?

You arrive to the nursing home one evening, and your mother has a broken leg.  Whoa, a broken leg?  How did that happen?  Yes, that is unusual and something you should question.  Or, you go and your mother has a large knot on her forehead, with a laceration and a bruise.  The nursing home says no one saw what happened.  Should that be investigated?  Yes. 

With nursing home injury identification, the basic thing to keep in mind, is whether or not the injury is unusual for your loved one, in an unusual location for their physical or medical condition, or a new or unexpected injury.  Also, the injury may be physical, emotional (mental), or financial (unnecessary medical procedures performed or they were charged for things not performed). Nursing homes and their staff have an obligation to follow federal regulations and standards of care applicable to individuals who are residents in nursing homes.  An unusual, new, or unexpected injury could be due to the failure of the nursing home to meet the applicable standard of care, follow applicable federal regulations, follow their own policies and procedures, and follow their own clinical guidelines.  Unusual, new, or unexpected injuries should always be questioned.  Make sure you know the nursing home’s explanation of what happened, if you did not witness the injury.If the explanation is unacceptable or seems to not be complete, consider contacting Foster Law Firm to discuss what occurred, and we can assist you with a further investigation into what caused the injury.  You may call us at (205) 443-7264, send us a text at (205) 563-3525 or contact us via our webform.

The following injuries in a nursing home setting are examples of injuries that deserve to be questioned and/or investigated:

  • Bruising
  • Bruising in an unusual location
  • Choking
  • Falls
  • Broken bones (hips, arms, legs)
  • Sepsis
  • Failure to administer medications’
  • Administering the wrong medications
  • Infection
  • Failure to timely transfer the resident to a hospital after injury or illness
  • Wounds on or near buttocks or heels due to pressure (pressure sores)
  • Knot on head, laceration on head
  • Significant weight loss
  • Emotional – depression or withdrawal or other unusual behavior or unusual behavior patterns
  • Disorientation or confusion or loss of consciousness
  • Signs of assault (physical or sexual)
  • Dehydration
  • Dropping the resident during transfer
  • Feeding tube or peg tube dislodgment and improper reinsertion
  • Bandage on body (be sure to know why they are bandaged)
  • Unexpected or untimely Death

Also, the injury may be financial.  Was your loved one billed for medical services they did not receive?  If so, please feel free to contact us to discuss. You may call us at (205) 443-7264, send us a text at (205) 563-3525 or contact us via our webform

At the end of the day, you know your loved one.  If something happened, and they are now injured or you feel the nursing home did something to them or failed to do something for them that led to injury or their death, please feel free to give us a call.  We are here to help you.  We do not charge for an initial consultation.  Please give us a call or use our webform to describe what occurred, and we will give you a call to discuss.  You may call us at (205) 443-7264, send us a text at (205) 563-3525 or contact us via our webform

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