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Helping you in your time of need

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has killed tens of thousands of Americans, who days, weeks or months ago, were living vibrant lives, enjoying their communities, their loved ones, their friends, and their hobbies.  This virus has wreaked havoc on individuals and families, and for even the most fortunate among us, their lives have been, in many respects, sidelined by stay at home orders in an effort to curtail the spread of the virus and protect themselves and others.  Although there may be certainty about what we, as a nation, have gone through in the last weeks and months, plenty of uncertainty lies ahead.  With uncertainty may come anxiety, doubts and worry.

In effort to quell those feelings of helplessness or despair, we have created this COVID-19 resource center to help you address any current issues or develop a plan for what may be ahead.  Often, we have seen that creating a plan and working toward defined goals helps dispel those feelings of despair, and it gives you the strength to make moves toward a brighter future. 

First and foremost, we are here to talk with you via email, text, zoom video conference, or telephone for FREE.  Yes, we offer a free consultation, discussion or conversation about any coronavirus (COVID-19) or long term care (nursing home, assisted living, etc.) issue or planning issue such as Will, Trust, Estate, Guardianship, Power of Attorney, etc. 

Additionally, if you have any legal issue that you want to discuss or have a question, we will answer FREE OF CHARGE.  If we cannot answer, we will help you find the answer.  Also, if you have any COVID-19 or coronavirus business, personal, or injury related issue, we are happy to discuss it with you or respond to your question for FREE.  Just click her to go to our web form contact page and submit your information –

Please provide us with your email and text, so that we may be able to respond.     

To schedule a zoom meeting, please email us your name, telephone number (cellular or SMS) and the issue that you would like to discuss at

Also, please describe when you will like to zoom meet and we will send you a confirmation. 

Resource links:

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS):

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP):

Center for Disease Control (CDC):

Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH):

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI):

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF):

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COVID-19 Resource Nursing Homes

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