How to Find a Nursing Home

Three easy steps

When you were younger, you may have visited a fruit stand with your grandmother.  If you did, like me, you quickly learned how to pick out certain fruits.  For example, for cantaloupe, you focused on the smell.  For watermelon, you gave them a thump.  For oranges, you gave them a squeeze, and you made sure there were no soft spots.  Different fruits required different analysis.

When picking a nursing home, like selecting fruit, a little investigation and analysis never hurts, and it goes a long way to selecting the right place for your or loved one.  For example, like visiting your local fruit market to get a feel or smell of the fruits, a visit to the potential nursing home can be insightful.  After all, this is the place where you loved one will stay.  Sure, you do not visit a hotel before staying, but you do inspect a home before buying.  A nursing home stay falls somewhere in the middle between the time spent at a hotel and the time at a home, so a pre-residency visit is warranted, if time permits and you are able to visit.  In a nursing home, your loved one’s stay may be as short as 21 days, or alternatively, the residency may be many months or more than a year.  With that in mind, it may be worth making a visit to know what to expect.

If time or other situational factors do not permit a pre-residency visit, then consider using the internet for a rating.  Like visiting trip advisor or google for a rating for a hotel or restaurant, you may visit nursing home compare on the website for a rating on every Medicare or Medicaid certified nursing home in the United States. See more as of December 29, 2019.

Nursing home compare gives you the following ratings:

  • Overall rating
  • Health inspections (weighted score from recent health inspections)
  • Staffing (more stars means better level of staffing per resident)
  • Quality measures (which may indicate quality of care provided in the past)
  • Distance (from you or your loved one to the facility)

Besides visiting the facility and using nursing home compare, you can also other people in the community, such as friends, past or current residents of the facility, family members of residents (both past and current), medical professionals, and folks like us at Foster Law Firm.  You may call us at (205) 443-7264, send us a text at (205) 563-3525 or contact us via our webform.

Also, by clicking here as of December 29, 2019 – you can download a guide to choosing a nursing home. 

So, when you are ready to pick a nursing home, here is your quick and easy 3 -Point guide to picking a nursing home:

  1. Visit the nursing home, if possible, and keep the following checklist in mind or handy to assist you with assessing the home:  click here as of December 29, 2019;
  2. Click on Nursing Home Compare –  as of December 29, 2019 –  to view ratings of nursing homes near you or your loved one;
  3. Talk with past or current residents (or their families), members of the community, medical professionals, or folks like Attorney Greg Foster at Foster Law Firm about whether or not a nursing home may be the right fit for a loved one.

Although not as simple as visiting the fruit stand and picking out some delicious fruit, we hope these tools and ideas make your selection of a nursing home an easier process and decision.  Please let us know if we can help you in your search for the right nursing home. You may call us at (205) 443-7264, send us a text at (205) 563-3525 or contact us via our webform.

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