Air, Water & Land Law

Sometimes we take water and air for granted.  We expect it to always be there for our needs, but what if someone or some entity, through pollution or improper land management techniques, takes away our ability to use water for drinking or recreation or puts harmful toxins in the air that we breathe, and in turn, causes us or our children health problems?  If you have seen pollutants in water, you cannot use water for recreation, or you feel the water is being polluted because you are seeing individuals in your community develop severe health problems, we will be happy to speak with you about it. 

Sometimes, unusual clusters of health conditions that affect individuals at younger ages or in increased numbers (than in the general population) indicates that there may be an issue with the water supply.  Also, with the air, sometimes particles may land on your car or home that may be visible.  If you feel you or your community is experiencing water, air or land pollution, please feel free to contact us.

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