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Let Us Tell Your Story

Every individual is unique, and they have their own story to tell about their life and life experiences.  We want to know about you and your life, and we want to tell your story.  Please contact us today. 

Let Us Stand For You Next

We stood for ______.  Let us stand for you

Standing for Tracy

Tracy's mom needed medical care and attention.  Unfortunately, those attending to Tracy's mom did not meet the standard of care at the medical facility, and as a result, Tracy's mom suffered a severe debilitating injury that caused her to become speechless.  Soon thereafter Tracy's mom died.  We assisted Tracy and her daughter with a legal case concerning the injuries and death sustained by her mother.  Tracy is pleased with our work concerning her mother's legal claim. 

We stood for Tracy and her family.  Let us stand for you.

Standing for Kalyn

Kalyn and her prom date were on the interstate after prom.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances, they came to rest in the interstate immediately prior to being hit by an 18 wheeler.  Kalyn survived the motor vehicle incident.  We investigated her case and brought claims on her behalf.  Kalyn is pleased with our work concerning her legal claim.  Today, Kalyn is mother of a beautiful baby girl. 

We stood for Kayln.  Let us stand for you.

Standing for Mike, Wayne & Jerald

Our client's father needed to make a rehabilitation visit at a local nursing home after a hospital visit.  They expected to see him over the months and years to come, but only after a few short days, their father died while at the nursing home facility.  We reviewed medical records concerning the care of his father, and we had experts evaluate the case.  We brought claims on their behalf.  The sons are pleased with our work concerning their father's legal claim for wrongful death.

We stood for the Mike, Wayne & Jerald.  Let us stand for you.

Standing for Juan 

Juan went in for some a medical need at a clinic.  The need, however, was not attended to in a timely matter, and as a result, Juan suffered an injury which almost caused him to die to infection growing in his body to such a level as to choke his ability to breathe.  In the nick of time, Juan was saved by subsequent medical care, but not before suffering injuries as a result of treatment that fell below the standard of care.  We brought a legal claim for Juan, and Juan was pleased with our representation. 

We stood for Juan.  Let us stand for you.    


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